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Tuesday, June 20, 2017   /   by Debra Myers

Protect Your Family’s Financial Security: Tips For Recognizing And Preventing Fraud

Authored by: Jackie Waters (Guest author)

Financial fraud is generating a lot of buzz today, as many consumers are facing related issues. Seniors can be especially vulnerable, and many people are seeing issues with stolen credit card numbers and issues that wreak havoc on your financial stability and long-term life planning.
Be wary of anybody who wants access to your finances
The National Council on Aging shares some important tips on how seniors can protect themselves from fraud, but these tips are valuable for everybody to consider. The news has reported on multiple issues in recent years of credit card data being breached by hackers, but there are fraud issues that can take place much closer to home as well.
The NCOA notes that it is not necessarily strangers who can do the most damage to one's financial well-being. Unfortunately, especially in the case of elder abuse, close family members can be the ones causing the damage. Be careful wh ...

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